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Welcome, to this Ghost Town

Posted by Not-Cho-Simple - May 22nd, 2018

Just a quick run down on the few things i keep here on NewGrounds. 

You'll notice that i have two instagrams

Main instagram is where i go by Bokay* and post photography and art sometimes art you can't find here and the occashional update and AMVs. I also take commishions.

The other account is FangTheory a small group of me and a couple friends use to post AMV's and document our journey of becoming animators. The YouTube link is where the longer version of our AMVs are stashed FuFuFu

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i checked out our main insta and your photography is really good. i was sad there wasn't anything more to see because i think your really talented and i would love to see more photo's like that. i mabey have an idea for your photography and it might be a challange if you don't like to talk to people but what if you instead of taking photo's of yourself and friends you make it of other people. of course you ask them, but if they allow it you can make awesome pictures. there are so many awesome and original people who have there own style and mabey if you find someone you find intressting you ask and you make a special photo of them. it would be really cool if you would challange yourself like that and i would love to see that.

anyway i hope that idea is okay ^^ and if you made some new photo's you like please pm me because i would love to see them and comment on them as well ^^
so that's it :p all i have to say for now atleast, i hope your having an awesome day/afternoon/evening and i hope mabey to see you later.